(Dates and projects are subject to change)



WEEK 01 _Aug 20_______________________________________________










About naming files/folders and uploads


-- Around Photoshop

-- Around Illustrator

-- Documents/Imports and Outputs


Let's make some lines. (or paths?)


All shapes has 2 parts!


In-Class practice Download files > Here

Home practice Download files > Here


Read: Guide to Graphic Design Ch1,2


Project 1: Fortune Cookie



WEEK 02 _Aug 27_______________________________________________




Did you upload your shape practice to your folder?



Did you read your text?

Reading the images....

Reading the artwork...


Class notes [pdf]

Project 1: Fortune Cookie [Brief]






Your treasure / Junk box

Project 1 research review


Scanning / modifying and adjustments (size, resolution, contrast, ...)



WEEK 03 _Sep 03_______________________________________________




Chapter 3

Graphic Design concepts


Montage in Photoshop


Finalizing your topic

Reviewing Sketches/Thumbnails



Demo on Photomontage  (DADA - SURREALISM)

Download the guide [here]

Download the assets and template [here]


Tips on selecting your assets------------------------


Common surrealist elements/themes:

Slow flying things (insects, birds, balloons, etc.)


Hybrids (ordinary animals or objects spliced together)

Sensory organs (mouths, eyes, ears, fingers, noses, etc.)

Insect parts (wings, heads, legs, etc.)

Human parts (any)

Some whole animals (dogs, crabs, fish, turtles, etc.)

Astrological symbols


Vast landscapes

Golden color

Elements that have symbolic/referential meaning

Things that represent birth and death (skulls, skeletons, babies, etc.)

Things that show time (watches, clocks, calendars, sundials, etc.)

Changes in scale (giant ants, tiny elephants, etc.)

Replacements (birds in a fish tank, dogs driving cars, etc.)

Portals (doors, windows, gates, etc.)

Game pieces (chess, cards, etc.)


Consider using:

Floating objects

Bending the laws of physics

Mystical spaces

Transformed/hybrid creatures/objects

Changes of scale

Making interior into exterior






In-class practice on Montage

Bring at least 4 images (digital or print) to make your surreal montage!


Surrealism ?

Upload your found images (at least 4) into a new folder (Folder: 03_Surreal Montage)

When you finish your Surreal montage save as psd and jpg and upload them to the same folder.




Deliver all sketches/thumbnails for project 1

Make sure you upload a copy of your sketches into your class folder by the end of today class. (Create a new folder: 02_Project 1 Sketches)

Save your sketches with proper file name.








WEEK 04 _Sep 10_______________________________________________




Due today:

Project 1 / mounted on black foam board

Wall critique






Crit - Remaining students

Saving files / Exporting files


Surreal montages


Introducing Project 2 [Here]



WEEK 05 _Sep 17_______________________________________________




Your object? Photos?

Translating photos to drawing/sketches


Grid Template for photos and sketches [Here]




Translating photos to drawing/sketches

12 selected photos + 12 sketches transfer to template

ideas for 12 medium/interpretations






WEEK 06 _Sep 24_______________________________________________




 36 images placed in InDesign grid



Sign (Icon vs. Index vs. Symbol)


 Project 2 - Part 2 [Here]


Artist Talk: Devon Tsuno [Website]






Your brand? company name? organization? service?

Share the name [Here]


Type / Typeface / Typography

Next week quiz on Chapter 7


Check out the anatomy poster [Here]


*You must be done with your 36 images by now.





WEEK 07 _Oct 01_______________________________________________




Type Quiz


The last review on Project 2.

Logo? Typeface?


Crit will be on Oct 04th.

Final grid [Here]


How is your Geometric Type?






Wrapping the project 2.

Upload the final pdf and all assets to your folder.

Print the final logo for wall crit.




WEEK 08 _Oct 08_______________________________________________





Quiz result.

Next week quiz on "Brief History of Graphic Design". (Chapter 2)


Introducing Project 3 [Brief]

Movies list [Here]


Adobe Color [Link]


Golden Section [Here]




Your movie assets / researches / materials

What movie ? [Here]




Feedback results on project 2 - Logo [Here]



WEEK 09 _Oct 15_______________________________________________





Quiz on Chapter 2

Your logo - Final Version Black&White print - accurate layout/scale

Project 2 - Final PDF file

3 sketches on your movie poster



Place your sketches in provided template [Here] and upload to the class drive under new folder Project 3.

Turning your selected sketch to digital format > ready for draft print.





Movie poster: Draft print  / Black&White / Tile print

(Although we will print the draft version in class, the design must be ready before the class)


To print your poster in tile format, download draft print template [Here]

Download the credit template [Here]. Feel free to edit as you need.



WEEK 10 _Oct 22_______________________________________________





Quiz result.

Final review on Movie poster > Ready for print.


Social media design requirements.

Your movie ad for: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Cheat sheet Social Media Image Sizes [Here]

A good Online reference [Here]






Project 3 critique.

Movie poster > Final print in color.

Movie Promotion > Final print social media content in color.




WEEK 11 _Oct 29_______________________________________________




Introducing Project 4 | Title Sequence [Here]


Introducing After Effects

Ken Burns and Ken Burns Effect

Vote! Example


Art of Title [Here]

Panic Room, Catch Me If You Can, Walk on the Wild Side, True Detective, Se7en, Dexter, Mad Men, Juno, Requiem for a dream


Working file for After Efter Effects [Here]



Voting promotion for IG.





WEEK 12 _Nov 05_______________________________________________







Project 4:  Keywords

Ken Burns and Ken Burns Effect [Wiki]

Ken Burns working files [Here]


After Effect: Keying

Keying working files [Here]

Print house video Bg [Here]


Watch on Lynda: After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics by Mark Christiansen

Preferably all 2 hours. For sure watch Introduction and Foundations.





Project 4:  Individual Presentation


Green Screen practice. We shoot our green screen in class. be prepared for your idea.


WEEK 13 _Nov 12_______________________________________________




Due: Project 4 Storyboard


Check the provided links in the Source page.

Get familiar with shots and camera angles.


Upload your gif practice to your folder on Google Drive.


For Thursday you will have your 1 minute timeline in after effect filled with your draft.

Draft can be your sketches from story board or place-holder with found images/shots.





Due: Rough digital draft



WEEK 14 _Nov 19_______________________________________________




Project 4  Final Critique







WEEK 15 _Nov 26_______________________________________________




Portfolio Review

- Be on time.

- If you are adding any files to your portfolio (late submission or redo) they must follow the format requirement according to the brief.

- Make sure you will have your sketchbook with you. Specially if you have some sketches that you did not include them in your online folder.


1:15 Arce, Amanda

1:23 Bhandari, Sagar

1:31 Cooper, Rory

1:39 Gale, Kelly

1:47 Grose, Emiley

1:55 Jimenez, Destinee

2:03 Kalaydjian, Louisa

2:11 Kramer, Austin

2:19 Luviano, Guadalupe

2:27 Marino, Christopher

2:35 McCracken, Ryan

2:43 Montes, Trevor

2:51 Olstad, Emily

2:59 Patchin, Rachel

3:07 Rico, Liria

3:15 Riviera-Lopez, Alex

3:22 Yoo, Hannah

3:30 Whoever is missing his/her spot






Personal Branding

Introducing Project 5:  Online Portfolio


Preparing / Gathering / Creating required assets


Project 5 [Brief]


Online Portfolio URL [Here]



WEEK 16 _Dec 03_______________________________________________













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GMD101 - Fall 2018